Water Damage

Water Damage can be one of them most difficult and stressful types of damage to your home. It’s also one that has to be addressed quickly.

If you have damage caused by a storm or an accident, you want to have the area cleaned quickly. Call Prestige and your insurance agent right away. We can make sure to remove any water and treat and disinfect the affected areas. This will prevent the growth of mildew as well as alleviate concerns about bacteria and other health hazards. Keep in mind, you should not try to clean up the mess yourself. Trained technicians using proven methods should be used. Our technicians know the types of chemicals to use, and they understand the potential health hazards of dealing with water damage.

Prestige Restoration Services will dehumidify and disinfect the entire area. We’ll also sit down with you and discuss how the damage will be repaired and what types of material you may want for replacement.

Fire Damage

Fire and smoke not only damage your property, they leave behind odors. Our team cleans up the area and removes any residual odors using EPA approved techniques. As with any type of damage, we work with clients to improve their homes and not only restore them but in most cases renew the home, making it nicer and better looking than before the damage. Many times insurance will cover the cost to remove flooring or walls, and we can help clients choose a material or finish they like better than what they had before the damage.

Storm Damage

From lightening strikes to hail storms, Prestige Restoration Services has you covered. Damage from a storm can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but our team can come right in and begin alleviating your stress. Our emergency response team arrives right away. We come up with a plan, start to work immediately, and help you through the entire process.

Floor Repair

Here at Prestige Restoration Services, we love helping our customers with floor repairs. We try to help them see the damage as an opportunity. Most of us would love to get new flooring, but having the old flooring removed and the new flooring installed is expensive. Well, after an insurance claim for damage, your insurance covers the cost of removal and installation as well as helping you with the cost of the new material. So, it really is a chance to upgrade your flooring without a lot of out of pocket expense. Our experience and expertise in custom home building and remodeling gives us a unique perspective in this situation. Our clients love when they get a chance to see their home with all the repairs and brand new beautiful flooring. Our service is fast. Our craftsmanship is excellent. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unequaled.

Roof Repair

Roof repairs are one of the most challenging types of restoration for you, the consumer. After a storm, your neighborhood may be filled with door to door roof repair people. How do you know who to trust? Look for a company with experience, credentials, and a long standing reputation. This is an area where you really need to do your homework. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured. Did you know if a guy who works for a small company with no workman’s compensation insurance falls off your roof, he can sue you the homeowner for his medical bills.

Be sure to use a credible, competent, fully-insured company with experience in roof repairs. Call us today for a free in home estimate.

Home Remodeling

As stressful as it is to have damage to your home, it is perhaps the best time to consider home remodeling. You’re going to have to have contractors in your home anyway. So, why not take the opportunity for substantial home renovation. This is the strength of Prestige Renovation Services. We aren’t just a quick clean up service. We have decades of experience building and remodeling all types of homes. We can help you complete the projects you’ve been wanting for years. The insurance money can be a great help to cover some of the cost. In addition to say new flooring, you may also want new kitchen cabinets or a new island. We’ll sit down with you and find out what you’d like and how we can help you get the home of your dreams.

Mold Removal

Removing mold is one of the most complex areas of damage restoration services. There is no one size fits all solution. You need a solution for your unique situation. Trained technicians who understand safe protocols must handle mold removal. Our team has extensive experience in mold remediation in commercial and residential properties.

When dealing with a mold problem, you should only hire a company with specialized experience in this area. We can work with you directly or through your insurance company agent.